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Remember: Mozilla Firefox is REQUIRED to use ECMS: Course Outline Creation and Management. Firefox is the FHDA district standard. Free download for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems.

Other ECMS Systems

  • Searchable Online Schedule
    Complete listings for the current active quarter(s).

  • Enhanced Searchable Course Catalog
    Complete catalog listings of the college's courses archived back to 2014-15. Individual listings include a link to its public course outline and a link to the searchable schedule; to see if that course is available during the active quarter(s).

  • Open Courses Listings
    As of May 2018, the Open Courses Listing is offline for a redesign.
    The Open Courses Listing will be available on De Anza's website during the registration/add period at the beginning of each quarter, listing all sections available. Data will include number of seats avaliable for a class, number of seats open, and if applicable, number of wait-listed/slots available.