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Remember: Mozilla Firefox is REQUIRED to use ECMS: Course Outline Creation and Management. Firefox is the FHDA district standard. Free download for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems.

Other ECMS Systems

  • Searchable Online Schedule
    Complete listings for the current active quarter(s).

  • Enhanced Searchable Course Catalog
    Complete catalog listings of the college's courses archived back to 2004-05. Individual listings include a link to its public course outline and a link to the searchable schedule; to see if that course is available during the active quarter(s).

  • Open Courses Listings
    Available during the registration/add period at the beginning of each quarter, these listings are updated every 30 minutes and link directly to the searchable schedule (listing all sections available). Data includes number of seats avaliable for a class, number of seats open, and if applicable, number of wait-listed/slots available.